TM Inks Pact With Everly Group To Provide Hospitality Entertainment Solution
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TM seeks to serve more hospitality entertainment customers
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TM inks pact with Everly to provide hospitality solution
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TM seeks to serve more hospitality entertainment customers

TM seeks to serve more hospitality entertainment customers
Malaysian Reserve
TM has signed deal with hotel chain Everly Group to have subscriptions to its services.

Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM) is seeking to increase the number of customers for its hospitality entertainment solutions from the current 32 by exploring all avenues in the market.

TM SME sales VP Khaidhir Elias said the company is also aiming to increase the sales of its cost-saving entertainment solutions.

"We believe we have a good value proposition for our customers to give to their end-customers and we believe that we can actually make it competitive because we have a total solution," he said at a signing ceremony between TM and Everly Group last Friday.

TM inked the deal with Everly for the provision of the latter's hospitality entertainment solutions, making the group the first hotel chain to subscribe to the services.

The hospitality service includes in-built broadband solution (IBS), HyppTV and a call centre service.

The service would be available in eight hotels under the Everly Group umbrella namely Everly Hotel Putrajaya, Parkcity Everly Hotel Bintulu and Parkcity Everly Hotel Miri in Sarawak and Everly Resort Hotel in Melaka.

Completing the list would be hotels in the Klang Valley namely Prescott Hotel Medan Tuanku, Prescott Hotel Sentral, Prescott Hotel Kajang and Prescott Hotel Klang.

The solution is comprehensively developed to elevate the experience of hotel guests and also to ease hoteliers technical management cost, said TM executive VP for SME, Azizi A Hadi.

He added the TM-Everly pact indicates the significant change for Malaysian small and medium enterprises (SMEs) involved in the hospitality industry.

Azizi however said the solution was not only focused for hotels, but is also applicable for medical centres, hospitals and hostels.

He said TM also offered bandwidth-on-demand, whereby the bandwidth could be increased up to one gigabit per second upon request for certain days, compared to 20-50 megabits per second on normal days, so the hotel would not have to pay for the higher bandwidth throughout the year.

"The channels also offered as a la carte, where the hotels are able to pick and choose the relevant premium channels to suit their guests’ profiles.

"Another feature that will soon be introduced is HyppTV Everywhere, where the hotel guests can watch TV on their smart devices by downloading our application, everywhere in the hotel area," he said.

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